Values based change starts with the clarification of a person or group’s values - the set of fundamentals which calls us to our best. Values bring an understanding of what we deeply want to create around us, the qualities we aspire to, and for which we’d like to be remembered and recognised. They also explain our conflicts, and define the lines that we cannot transgress without a sense of compromise.

At Big Stretch, we also build in an exploration of what you see as important in the wider world – in your environment and society - so you also define the values you hold in the larger context. You pinpoint what you stand for.

Compared with the questions which tend to guide our paths almost by default (what’s profitable short-term, what brings me status, what do others expect me to do)  we’ve found values are a better compass for decisionmaking. Values based choices often find a mid-point between material and spiritual wishes. They guide us in compelling,  fulfilling directions.

Then there's the principle of creative leadership. This is about focusing your active energy on materialising your values in the fabric of your life. Rather than getting stuck in a passive place, blaming and accusing others in any given situation, this means seeking out the elements we can change, and focusing on what exactly we’d wish to move towards.

And if, as often happens, high intention feels some distance from habit and practicable action, creativity and problem solving are brought to bear. 

It’s all about finding ways to express who you are (your values) through what you do.